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Trailer Permit
Chapter 156 of the Halifax By-Laws regulates the extension of the Temporary Trailer Permit issued by the Building Inspector beyond the sixty (60) day limit. This Permit is a "renewal of the Building Permit issued by the Building Inspector" and is an "extension" of that Permit. There is no fee for the permit. The original extension permit will expire on a date set by the Board of Selectmen, but not more than one year from the start date of the permit. A renewal of the extension permit cannot last more than ninety (90) days. If the applicant wishes a new permit beyond the extension permit, the permit process begins anew. More information and an application are available below.

If you wish to obtain an initial trailer permit, apply through the Building Inspector's office. Initial trailer permits are issued via a regular building permit application.

If you wish to extend the permit after the sixty (60) day limit, apply through the Board of Selectmen's office. The application and instructions can be downloaded. Because of the necessary time frame to receive the application, notify Town departments and abutters, publish the legal ad and hold the hearing, applicants who wish to extend the permit after the initial sixty (60) days are urged to file the application for an extension as early as possible to avoid the possibility that the initial permit will expire before the Board of Selectmen can make a decision on the extension.

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