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Marijuana Facilities
Four Daughters Compassionate Care, LLC has indicated an interest in constructing a cultivation and processing facility on River Street for recreational marijuana. There was a public presentation (handout from presentation) and forum (link to the YouTube video; forum begins at 26:23) about the proposed facility on November 28, 2017.

Four Daughters has presented the Selectmen with a draft of a proposed Host Community Agreement (HCA). While the Host Community Agreement covers several subjects, it is not a zoning permit. Any proposed facility would have to obtain a "special permit" from the Zoning Board of Appeals (a public hearing is required with notice to abutters) and approval of a site plan from the Planning Board. A proposal has not been submitted to either Board. Both steps will be publicized here and in other venues.

The draft HCA mentions "Exhibit A".

The Board of Selectmen is accepting comments, questions, and concerns about the HCA in time for the Board's discussion about the HCA at its meeting on February 13, 2018. While there may be concerns about noise, lighting, and odors, these matters will not be addressed as part of the HCA. These issues would be part of any discussion about the possible approval of a special permit and site plan for this facility.

If the Board does sign an HCA with Four Daughters and Four Daughters moves forward with this project, then a public hearing will be held as required under State regulations. Abutters will notified and the hearing will be publicized.

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