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Halifax Town Hall, 499 Plymouth Street, Halifax, MA 02338 • Phone/Hours
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EEE Status Change in Halifax
     Two mosquito samples collected from Middleborough on 7/25/12 have tested positive for EEE. One of these was a Culiseta melanura speciess and the other was a Coquillettidia perturbans, which is a mammal-biting species.
     Because of this finding Middleborough is being changed from a Moderate to a High risk level. Additionally, the following adjacent towns will have their risk level elevated from Low to Moderate: Halifax, Plympton, and Wareham. Risk maps and complete details on positives will be posted to the state arbovirus website by this evening. This can be viewed by visiting the following website:

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Town of Halifax • 499 Plymouth Street • Halifax, MA 02338
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