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Halifax EEE status has jumped from “Moderate Risk” to “Critical Risk”
 The status for EEE in Halifax has jumped from “Moderate Risk” to “Critical Risk” for Eastern Equine Encephalitis because of additional positive findings in mosquitoes and there is now a large animal, an alpaca case of EEE in Halifax.

On Thursday August 23, 2012 a reverse 911 was requested, it said the following:
Halifax is now at Critical Risk for Triple E, Eastern Equine Encephalitis.
It is imperative that you avoid dusk to dawn outdoor activities.
Take every precaution to avoid mosquito bites, including using repellant, whenever outdoors.
Halifax is at Moderate Risk for West Nile virus.
Additional intensive ground spraying will be conducted.
If the status changes or if there is an aerial spraying planned, you will receive another call,
For more information, look at the Halifax Board of Health website.

If you do not receive reverse 911 calls and would like to sign up to receive them, go to:

Also, we will send out a reverse 911 call if aerial spraying is planned.

It is imperative to avoid all outdoor activities dusk to dawn and take EVERY precaution to prevent a mosquito bite.  

Halifax remains at “Moderate Risk” for West Nile virus.  People over 50 are at greater risk for WNv.  If Halifax changes to “High Risk” for WNv we will send out a reverse 911 call to let you know.  

For more information please and additional links and details go to:

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