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Single-Stream Recycling
The Town of Halifax's new recycling truck is now in operation and the Town started single-stream recycling as of Monday, March 7, 2016. All recyclable items may be placed together in your bin.  These include glass bottles, glass jars, metal food cans, aluminum foil, aluminum pans, plastics containers with the recycling symbol (usually with a number between 1 and 6), rinsed out drink boxes (straws should be removed), rinsed out milk cartons, rinsed out juice cartons, newspapers with inserts, office paper, white and colored junk mail and envelopes, phone books, magazines, catalogs, cereal boxes (with plastic liner removed), cracker boxes (with plastic liner removed), pasta boxes, gift boxes, shoe boxes, and egg cartons. All boxes must be flattened. All cardboard boxes must be flattened and cut so that individual pieces are smaller than two feet by two feet. Pizza boxes may be recycled as long as they are flattened and have no food or lining (wax paper) in them.

The following items cannot be left with recycling. They must be thrown out with trash or brought to the recycling center for proper disposal:

No metal items other than cans and aluminum foil, no styrofoam (can be brought to the recycling center), no cookie wrappers, potato chips bags, no plastic film of any find, no food soiled paper, no coffee pods, no food soiled containers, no paper or plastic cups, no facial or bathroom tissues, no paper towels, no napkins, no broken glass, no light bulbs, no window glass, no auto glass, no dishes, no glass cups or glasses, no items made of Pyrex, no aerosol cans, no paint cans, no motor oil containers, no chemical containers, no plastic bags (bring them to a recycling box at your grocery store), no plastic film or wrappers (bags, plastic film, wrappers, etc. get caught up in the wheels of the machinery at the processing plant and shut the operation down).

No trash bags of recycling will be picked up. If you have a large amount of recycling use a barrel and mark it recycling. We have Single Stream Stickers available at the office for you to place on the barrel if you prefer.  

If you have any questions, please contact the recycling center at 781-293-1732.

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