Town of Halifax MA
499 Plymouth Street, Halifax, MA 02338
Great Hall Request Use Form
The Great Hall is on the 2nd floor of the Halifax Town Hall, located in the original (1907) portion of the building. Various meetings, workshops, and presentations are held there including regular or special meetings of boards and committees when the capacity (it sits 80 people comfortably) is needed. Any department or outside organization wishing to use the Great Hall must make a reservation in advance.

Please Fill out & submit form to Town Clerk

**Form must be submitted at least 7-14 Days Prior to the Event**

Please Note Following Items:

**** After hours use ****

  • A key is available at the Police Station.
  • It must be SIGNED OUT AND RETURNED THE SAME EVENING to the Police Station.
  • Only the person signing this form will be able to sign out the key. A POSITIVE ID WILL BE REQUIRED.
It is your responsibility to see that all equipment borrowed is returned in proper working condition.  Any damage incurred shall be repaired, or the replacement cost shall be the responsibility of the person or organization using the hall or equipment.  This also includes any additional custodial time needed to ready the hall for its next use.

Please provide the following information:
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Placing a check in the signature box indicates your official approval of this request.